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Finding the Scrub for you

Doctors, receptionists, nurses, lab technicians and virtually every type of medical professional spend the majority of his or her working hours in scrubs. Since they are generally made from cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, the level of activity, heat and sweating an individual's job brings about are important factors in deciding on the perfect pair of scrubs.

In addition to comfort and utility, there are few aesthetic and professional considerations when looking for a great pair of scrubs. Of course everybody wants to make the best impression possible on colleagues, clients, patients and employers and picking a tasteful design appropriate to a particular setting is key. It's more acceptable, for instance, to wear a colorful set of scrubs in a nursing home facility than in an analysis lab, which is why we carry such a generous selection of scrubs.

Since this is clothing that medical professionals wear day in and day out, it's important to pick pants that tie comfortably around the waist and a shirt that cuts high enough to look professional yet low enough to breathe well. In short, the perfect pair of scrubs embody professionalism, style and utility and are the proud symbol of a noble field.

Featured Scrub Products is an all-inclusive online shopping destination carrying scrub-wear for all job-related and personal needs. From patterned and printed scrub tops and solid-colored scrub pants to accessories such as nursing shoes and lab coats, our site is stocked with all of attire and add-ons you could need for a position in nursing, personalized healthcare, and other similar health-related fields. So whether you just want a set of casual scrubs to lounge around in on weekends or a pristine set you plan on wearing to your job at the hospital or doctor's office, you should be able to find scrub attire that suits your particular needs.

Considering the long and erratic hours many professionals and assistants in the healthcare field have, it can be difficult to know when you'll have a fresh set of scrubs to wear, especially when finding time to do a load in the wash is hard enough. For that reason, many end up turning to discount scrub stores that sell old, used, or outdated scrub-wear. Though steeply discounted, these scrubs don't have the same sanitary standards and fresh, new clothes scents that one typically aspires to when shopping around for clothes. You should hold your work scrubs to the same standards you do your daily wear, if not to higher standards. allows you to find new, high quality scrubs at inexpensive prices, so you don't have to choose between the quality of the scrubs you're buying and the prices that you're able to pay. No one in healthcare or any other field should have to sacrifice quality for the sake of staying on budget, so's mission is to make sure quality and affordability go hand-in-hand.

Our site is stocked with high quality options for just about everyone. For instance, our women's wear collection is immense, with options ranging from split-neck and mock wrap tops to flare pants and injected clogs. We also stock a large variety of menswear options as well, including white athletic shoes for men and utility pants specifically cut for men. With a wide range of inseams available (from petite to tall) and sizes ranging from extra-small to 5x extra-large, no matter your body build, you'll be able to find scrubs and accessories that suit your body type perfectly, regardless of age or gender. We even have unisex options for those who want more interchangeable scrub selections.

Everyone knows that scrubs stand out most for their typical color schemes and patterns. If you're looking for solid colored scrubs, we have those conventional sky blue and sea green editions for those who prefer a classic look. We carry less traditionally colored scrubs as well for those who want to stand out a bit during their double shifts. For those who prefer intricate patterns and other designs, also has completely unique offerings to ensure you can find a simple or eccentric scrub pattern that you'll love to show off. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are already bleached out with white walls and ceilings, so choosing to add a little (or a lot) of color is often an advantageous option for those working in the field.

From nurse socks and supplies to multipurpose scrubs tops and drawstring pants, has you covered. With friendly, reliable service available online and over the phone, as well as competitive pricing and extensive scrub offerings, our online retail store is designed to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. So throw on that overlong lab coat and new set of scrubs, lace up those nursing shoes, and look fashionable at affordable prices whenever you need brand new work-wear for your job.